Spa Rules:

  • Absolutely no food or drink in the treatment areas. Excluding Water Bottles with lids
  • Must where booties or clean bare feet to enter the salt room. Bare foot is the recommended way to go.
  • No Talking Unless you are in a Family/Talking Session
  • NO electronic devices in the salt room.  We highly encourage you to keep all electronic devices in your car or locked in a locker as we will not be responsible for any damage the salt may cause to these devices if you choose to sneak them in.
  • Please do not leave the session after it starts unless it is an emergency. You will NOT be permitted to re-enter the session. Please use the bathroom before you enter the cave. Please grab tissues, earplugs or water in you may need these items prior to entering the salt room.
  • We have earplugs, at the front desk, if you are noise sensitive.  We can not control if people cough, sneeze or snore while in the cave.  If you would like a private sessions you may rent the cave out for $150 for the hour or request to be in the VIP salt room.
  •    You may opt to lay directly in the salt. We are not responsible if your clothes get salty.
  • Long Hair must be pulled back if you plan on laying on the salt covered floor.
  • Only  2 Children per Adult in spa
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please do no touch the walls. Yes they are salt which is very fragile.  If you touch the salt it will cause damage.
  • Treatment should be avoided during the acute phase of any illness, including the following: FLU, infections accompanied by fever, acute active tuberculosis, cardiac insufficiency, C.O.P.D. in the third stage, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol or drug intoxication, unstable or uncontrolled hypertension, and acute stages of respiratory diseases.
  • PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE SALT ROOM IF YOU HAVE THE FLU. You will be turned away and asked to reschedule.
  • We have the right to turn anyone away whom we feel is too sick.
  • No wearing of Essential Oils, Heavy Perfumes and lotions. No Smoking at least 30mins before any services.
  • NO outside food permitted in the building.  We will ask you to remove the items. You may pre-order select food items for parties.
  • VIP ROOM ONLY- You May BYOB. But, please drink responsibly. We do offer wine glasses. Wine key… depends on the day