1. What is salt therapy?

Salt Room Therapy, with a halogenerator, is also called halo therapy, is a large room in which you sit and relax and breathe in the air. The salt will be released into the air providing your body with a mineral treatment, magnesium, potassium, calcium etc.., all while helping to reduce inflammation in your body which may harbor harmful mucus and bacterial. The salt session will help provide you with a detox as your body distresses.

 2. How does salt therapy work?

Clients sit in the salt room for 45 minutes and breathe in the fine salt aerosol you breathe in the mineral and relax. Try alternating nostrils for a stronger more relaxing session.  We also offer a private salt room with heated massage chair by request.  (appointment only)

3. Which ailments can be treated by salt therapy?

• chronic bronchitis • asthma • hay fever • ear infection • breathlessness, chest tightness • pneumonia after acute stage • bronchiectasis disease • smoker’s cough (including secondary smoke) • frequent acute disorders of respiratory tract • pharyngitis • multi-chemical sensitivity syndrome • sinusitis/sinus inflammation • respiratory infections • respiratory allergies to industrial and household pollutants • rhinitis • tonsillitis • eczema •wrinkles •arthritic •cellulite •insomnia • psoriasis• general stress• acne. Even helps with ADHA, SAD, PTSD, ODD Depression, Anxiety and assortment of other mental aliments due to the fact the serotonin levels are being regulated.

4. How can someone get the most out of their halo therapy session? 

To enjoy a quiet dark room session with no distractions will allow you to relax and de-stress the mind and the body all while taking deep breathes in through the mouth and exhaling through the nose. Try alternating nasal cavities when you exhale for a deep experience.  Some who practice Yoga would agree this is one of the best ways to calm the mind and the nervous system. Try meditating, counting backwards or even pairing the session with a massage.

5. How long and for how often do you typically recommend sessions?  

Here at Hygea we recommend a 45 min Salt Room Session in our Dead Sea Salt Room to get the most benefits or 20-40-60mins in our VIP room
As far as how many times you come in that would depend on what issue you are trying to relieve.  

6.  What kind of salt do you use in your halo therapy and how do you use the salt to meet the needs of clients?

All Halo Salt Grinders are to use pharmaceutical grade salt in the grinder. You will get about 60-65% of the effects from the halo grinder the rest will be from the room itself. We have chosen to use Dead sea Salt for its healing benefits that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.  The Dead Sea Salt has long been known for it help in healing aches and pains, restoring youthfulness to one’s body and skin and even helping alleviate inflammation in the body which can harbor bacteria and mucus. Even one Session in our Dead Sea Salt room will help break this up and expel mucus from the body all while providing you with a restorative mineral treatment. With this said one session is equivalent to 2 1/2 days at the beach which is believed to help regulate serotonin and help with mood regulation, depression, stress and even to help increase energy.

 7.     In what ways have you seen salt therapy improve someone’s condition?

There have been so many experiences it’s hard to go into detail with all of them. Just to name a few.

A client whom has been coming here for a year 2 to 3 times a month had before and after pictures of fine line diminishing on her face with no other change in routine.

Parents of babies with colic swear that by bring their child to a session helps the child sleep through the night.

Headache suffers feel relief from one session.

Sinus suffer feel their sinus opening up and start to drain.

People with breathing issue feel as though they can final take a deep breath and breath better.

People with fibro, lymes, and arthritis feel relief from aches and pains.

These are just a few examples please call if you have individual concerns.

8.     Why do you think salt therapy works so well for that type of ailment?

Dead Sea salt is comprised of many minerals that help to restore and re-balance the body helping it work better in healing itself all while allowing the mind to de-stress as your body detoxes.  All Natural with no side effects.

9.   What should I wear to the treatment sessions?

Salt room therapy requires no special clothing; the salt will not damage your clothes or leave any noticeable residue. You may wear anything that you are comfortable with, as you will remain entirely clothed for the session. The only item that you remove is your shoes before entering, and we provide you with surgical shoe coverings to cover your feet. You may wear socks or be barefoot under the shoe covering. We provide you with a fresh blanket every sesson. For children, we request that they come to sessions in clothing that is clean and free of dirt or mud, and clean socks, as the shoe coverings we provide may be too large to stay on their feet as they play in the salt room. We also request people with long hair wear it in a pony tail or bun to minimize the amount of hair on the salt room floor. thank you.

10 Why is it so relaxing inside a salt room?

The Negative Ions in the air also help to regulate serotonin levels in the brain causing a more even relaxed state of mind.

11. Is the Salt Room Safe for Pregnant Woman?

Yes,  But as with and any other  Treatments Please check with your doctor in advance.

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