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We use Rice Bran Oil (gluten free) Great for all skin types very low allergen risk.

                                                       We do also offer 100% African Shea Butter (upon req)

THAI – LYMPH Therapeutic Massage Package $295 -3HRS 

20min Hot IFR Sauna 140° to Loosen Muscles

Stretching of Body to Prepare for Services

Thai Massage , Lymphatic Drain & Compression Therapy

Package pricing is available upon request. – to schedule with LMT Brian please call 717-412-0447 @ Hygea Wellness co.

Specialized Therapeutic Massage

– 90min $115 – 120min $150 – 150min $175

  • Offered for clients with injuries, specific areas in need. May included one or two specific area depending on time. Not a full body service.
  • The sauna is recommended before hand to help loosen the muscles and prepare the body. $15 add-on
  • You may choose to add-on a 30min pre-stretching of your body to prepare for the Specialized Therapeutic Service. $25
  • The salt room is recommended afterward to help calm the inflammation and rid the body of unwanted lactic acids. $15 add-on

Examples of some of these areas may include Lymphatic Drain, Sports,and Compartment therapy.

The LMT will need a consultation to evaluate your situation and then set up a course of action to move forward with.

This normally will include more then one session. Package pricing is available upon request.

Sports massage 90 or 120  
incorporated range of motion work, deep compressive strokes,
friction, pin and stretch, vibration/shaking, active stretching.
Specialized Therapeutic Massage 90, 120, or 150.
Enhanced massage techniques used to facilitate increased circulation, increased range of motion, decreased in scar tissue, remove adhesions, open tight areas by working connective tissue and Fascia container. Deeper work combined with friction, and tissue opening strokes to enhance overall body normalization.
Most clients needing therapeutic massage will need at least five sessions
Then can be placed into a preventive massage category to maintain their health.

•Relaxation Massage – 60min $65 or 90min $90

Light to medium pressure full body massage intended on helping the individual de-stress and relax. 

•Therapeutic Massage – 60min $75 or 90min $100

this is a deeper pressure massage that may help relieve sore muscles and aches. this is a full body service that does not focus on one specific area. If you are interested in a Specialized Therapeutic Massage please see pricing below

•Custom Massages – Hygea Favorite  

30mins (not always available) $40 – neck & shoulder 

 60mins – $70  •   90mins – $95

 It is a lighter to medium pressure massage customized just for you. Can focus on areas of need such as Sinus, feet, upper back.

Intended to destress the body without therapeutic issues being addressed.  This can be a focused or whole body service.


•PRENATAL MASSAGE are offered for $70 for 60mins or $95 for 90mins

Please consult your doctor if you have a high risk pregnancy. Typically we ask clients to be over 12 weeks.

Upon request we will do earlier in the pregnancy if there are no contraindications.


•Hot Stone Massage $80 for 60mins $100 for 90mins

60min Hot Stone will be back only – a 90min Hot stone will be back, arms and legs.

Full body Mud Wraps, Salt Scrub, Coco Wrap or Cellulite $125

   includes 20min Sauna Session and a Salt Room Session- 90min service

•Full Body Scrub &  Mud Only  – 60min – $95

•Facial – 60mins – $80

Choice:  of Neck, Shoulders, Scalp or Foot Massage included with this service



•$30- 30MIN FACIAL (scrub, mud & rub)

•$30-30MIN FOOT FACIAL (scrub, mud & rub)

•$10- MINI FACIAL-included in massage time

•$10 Mini Foot Facial – included in massage time

•$10 – HOT STONES on back only

$5 – Cold Stones for Sinus or Headaches

$10 – PARAFFIN – hands

$15 – PARAFFIN – feets 

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Appointment should be made 24hours in advance.

If you do need to cancel please give us 24 hour notice.  Last minute Cancellation will be required to pay 50% of their service.

Prices do not include gratuity . Cash Tips are appreciated but not required.

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